How We Work

How it works

At eLuminous, we are continuously evolving our methodologies and workflows to make a difference in the lives of our clients and VAs.

Our company has refined the process of offering high-quality virtual assistant services, enabling us to serve clients globally at low costs. We invest heavily in matching suitable virtual assistants with the right skills to the requirements of our clients.

Just start growing your business with our virtual staffing solutions.

Please don’t waste time looking going through the tedious hiring process; eLuminous has done it already for you. Once you recognize that you need a virtual assistant, you can reach out to explore the best candidates. 

It’s a simple 4-step process to hire virtual assistants with us. Here’s how it works:

Contact Us For A Consultation

We begin by discussing your business requirements and learning more about:
* Your business model and needs
* Any specific or unique business requirements
* How much of your business processes can be delegated
* What expertise do you want in your candidate in terms of technical knowledge and field of study
Availability-when you want the VA to be available-morning, afternoon or evening.

Virtual assistant recommendations

Once we fully understand your business requirements and your preferences for a candidate, our expert staffing managers make virtual assistant recommendations.
You can peruse the profiles of the virtual assistants we share. These are detailed profiles listing their experience, proficiencies, and relevance to your business. Along with profiles, we provide your service contract to know about our policies and terms, which you can virtually sign to finalize the hiring stage.

Candidate interview

At this stage, you get to know your virtual assistant closely. To ensure you have picked the right candidate, you can conduct detailed interviews via Skype/phone. As this is the VA you will work long term, it’s essential to evaluate their compatibility with your requirements. If you prefer, our team can help you frame interview questions to ask.

Start delegating

After you have decided and picked the candidate(s) to act as your personal or administrative virtual assistants, you can start working with them immediately.
If you need clarification while interviewing the VAs, we are here to help you decide. We know the skills and abilities of our candidates closely so that you can rely on our decision-making.
Our clients can remain in constant touch with the selected VAs through email, phone, or any other preferred mode of communication. Our platform has arrangements to fit the requirements of every client. If you are more comfortable with electronic correspondence, we have options available. Being tech-savvy is optional to hiring our offshore virtual personal assistant services.

Whether an entrepreneur, enterprise, or an individual, your time is too valuable to be spent on tasks that can be delegated.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

As a virtual personal assistant service-providing company, we understand that you need to work smarter and devote your work hours to the aspects of the business that demand your full attention. It is why eLuminous created a bespoke remote executive assistant service to help you focus more on business processes that cannot be delegated. Our low-cost, high-quality virtual personal assistant services serve entrepreneurs and small businesses well.


Our hiring managers vet every candidate before on-boarding them; this saves enterprises valuable time. You can make your teams more productive and reduce stress by assisting them with our virtual administrative support. Free your employees from constantly juggling professional and personal responsibilities, and let our virtual assistants provide relief. Some of our enterprise clients have experienced astounding results in terms of employee satisfaction and retention through our services. You are just four steps away from freeing up essential company resources that affect team productivity.


Virtual personal assistant services are helpful for individuals such as freelancers too. You can achieve a solid work-life balance with our VA services. Please don’t waste your time on odd jobs that our VAs can take care of. Delegating is an art that makes you more productive and gives you the freedom to spend more time with your family to do things that contribute to your personal life.

So let’s work together to know how we can support your unique business needs.

As a virtual assistant company, we understand the requirements of business of any size. This empowers us to guide our VAs to think creatively and devise out-of-the-box strategies to help clients be more productive.

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