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Are you struggling with your medical practice afloat due to chaotic insurance and medical claim requirements? We are here to help you ease the pressure and take care of non-critical and administrative tasks so that you can focus on your practice. eLuminous offers high-quality and affordable outsource virtual assistants for healthcare services.

We are a leading healthcare virtual assistant company because we only employ experts to assist your doctors and other staff. When our virtual assistants take care of your administrative workload, your team can do the best care for patients. Whether precertification and insurance verification or managing patient files and information, our VAs are professionally trained to support your in-house staff.

It's easy, it's transparent, it's tech-savvy, and it's affordable!

Services Our Medical Billing Virtual Assistants Provide

Precertification and insurance verification are essential for every practice’s bottom line. A medical billing virtual assistant can improve the efficiency of your practice by outlining the patient benefits and coverage for specific medical procedures before the point of service. Our medical billing VA can help your patients understand their medical insurance coverage to know whether all the required services or procedures are eligible for insurance payment or reimbursement.

As a healthcare virtual assistant company, eLuminous has helped hundreds of clinics and practices reduce unexpected patient costs due to unpaid procedures. You no longer have to struggle with delayed payments, claim rework and resubmission, non-payment and errors ever again.

For healthcare organisations, it is essential to have correct patient demographic data as it contains specific details that can be critical for care and treatment. Every piece of information in the patient entry sheet is vital in medical billing and coding. Incorrect patient entry details affect insurance claim payments and can affect your practice. Hiring full-time staff for patient entry management can be costly. For error-free patient entry, you can hire our virtual medical assistant service.

When you hire our outsourcing virtual assistant for healthcare services, our virtual assistants provide accurate data that facilitate quick claim submission and faster processing of insurance claims.

The two most critical coding systems in medical billing are ICD-10 and CPT. Our medical billing Virtual assistants are trained in reading these codes. They can create medical bills with correct codes so that patients have all the information they need to file for insurance or understand what and how much they are paying. As your practice may receive insurance claims in large numbers, efficiency in CPT and ICD-10 coding can help increase payouts.
A medical billing VA creates charge entries for your patients and ensures that all the correct billing information is reflected in your patients’ most recent insurance coverage. This ensures patients are always aware of the expenses and reduces their anxiety because of false charges.
Our medical billing virtual assistant can handle everything related to insurance claims for successful submission. They double-check medical codes for procedures and create, file and submit insurance claims to the insurers. They also handle any refiling or follow-ups necessary for the insurance claim. When you hire our virtual assistants for healthcare business, you never have to worry about claims submission.
Payment posting is essential to maintain clean books. Our medical billing VAs can handle the data from insurance companies, patient payments, and other payments to ensure everything is in order.
A healthcare business needs to follow up on unpaid invoices and keep track of cash flow to maximise facility investment. A virtual medical billing assistant can help you monitor your clinic’s finances so that you are always prepared to file taxes or make investment decisions.

Hire Medical Billing VA With The Best Healthcare Virtual Assistant Provider

Whether you are a large or small healthcare practice, eLuminous virtual assistants are always there to help you stay on top of the administration of your clinic or medical facility.

We heavily invest in training our virtual assistants on the best medical billing practices. This is how we can fulfil our commitment to providing best-in-class services for the operations of your healthcare facility.

When you hire a virtual medical billing assistant with us, you are investing in streamlining and improving the work efficiency of your practice.

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