Hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant

Hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant

College-educated administrative virtual assistants

Ongoing administrative support

Freedom from hiring a full-time employee

Hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant

College-educated virtual administrative assistants

Ongoing administrative support

Freedom from hiring a full-time employee

Virtual Personal Assistant Services

Who is a Virtual Administrative Assistant?

An Virtual administrative assistant knows all aspects of your business to ensure your office runs smoothly. A virtual administrative assistant can do everything an onsite administrative assistant can do but with remote access. At eLuminous, we provide the digital ecosystem that allows hiring a virtual administrative assistant and getting as much done as possible.

Don't Bother With Those To-Do Items Anymore; Get them Checked Off Your List, Instantly!

eLuminous matches your administrative business requirements with the right virtual assistant who can take care of most admin tasks.

  • Event planning and management
  • Vendor identification and coordination
  • Travel Planning
  • Scheduling- Interview scheduling, calendar etc.
  • Data entry and data migration
  • Calendar management through Outlook and Gmail
  • Invoicing and PO creations
  • Customer service (both via phone and email)
  • Expense tracking
  • Email management
  • Internet research
  • Maintaining contact database
Virtual Administrative Assistant

How to know if you need a Virtual Administrative Assistant?

Some tell-tale signs make it easy to identify that you need an administrative VA. It can be:

Why struggle in silence when eLuminous virtual administrative assistant service can immediately lend you a helping hand?

What our Administrative VA can handle?

We understand you want help with the specifics tasks and we are glad to provide the same. eLuminous trains every candidate across several domains to ensure they can handle every business administrative task meticulously.

Our remote executive assistant service can take care of the following:

You can delegate the most common tasks you handle daily to run your office- schedule, calendar, files, email inbox, and phone management system-you can outsource it all to our administrative VAs confidently. Simply put, as long as the task is not on-site, our staff can handle it. 

While our VAs can’t be present at your office to set up the conference room for the next business meeting, but still, they can remotely manage a lot of business operations such as bookkeeping, expenses, invoices, and payroll. 

Whether booking your conference or following up with a client who missed the meeting, you can outsource all tasks to our administrative VA. Our assistants always remain at the top of your calendar, ensuring you no longer have to dig through days and months to stay productive. 

A virtual assistant can completely take phone management off your hands. From answering incoming calls to placing calls on your behalf, our VAs will be your ears and voice. You need not look at the phone again, be productive and work distraction-free. 

Why Choose eLuminous Virtual Administrative Assistants?

There are several virtual executive assistant companies out there, then why eLuminous virtual administrative assistants must be your choice? 

Simple, we not only onboard the right talent but also invest in their training and match the best candidates with your business requirements. 

Our VA solutions are tailor-made for your business.

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