Virtual Assistant
for Coaches

Virtual Assistant for Coaches

Offload the work, focus on coaching

Free up your time for new clients

You pay only for hours you need assistance

Dedicated Support for Coaches

As a coach, your responsibility to focus on your clients is more than getting busy with repetitive tasks. Hire an eLuminous virtual assistant for coaches and get the support you require to support your growing business and never bother about administrative, personal or repetitive tasks anymore.

Don't be an assistant; hire a virtual assistant.

Getting a virtual assistant will free you from juggling all the administrative work, handling social media, answering clients’ emails, following up with subscribers, managing your calendar and much more. With us, coaches can find the best virtual assistants who, after the initial onboarding period, require very little input from the coaches.

What tasks can coaches assign to our virtual assistants?

eLuminous has the most skilled and professionally trained, college-educated virtual assistants for coaches who can entirely take over their administrative responsibilities. You can effortlessly outsource the following tasks to our virtual assistants:

  • Update Calendar
  • Schedule coaching sessions
  • Emails to students and clients
  • Bookkeeping, expense data capture, reporting
  • Travel arrangements
  • Website management
  • Events and Coaching sessions support
  • Research on venues, speaking opportunities
  • Researching competitors’ coaching models, courses etc.
  • Research on personal healthcare, neurology, psychology, and economic trends
  • Generate required reports
  • Preparing Reports
  • Building, uploading, and managing course content
  • Content delivery, including sharing of PDFs, images, & videos
  • Booking media appearances
  • Designing promotional graphics
  • Keeping track of leads, fielding their preliminary queries about sessions
  • Cold calling and lead qualification
  • Social Media management
  • Marketing collaterals creations
  • Managing reviews online on various platforms

Why Coaches Need Our Virtual Assistant Service?

Even when you coach other people to improve their lives, you need assistance handling background activities to stay focused on your client’s requirements.

Hiring our virtual assistant service offers you tangible benefits.

A significant benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is that you don’t have to hire a full-time employee. Expenses of a full-time worker can be three times as compared to hiring a virtual assistant with eLuminous. We provide freedom from making a deep financial commitment to pay a full-time salary, benefits, insurance, and more. Our virtual assistant for coaches works for as many hours as required. As you pay hourly, you only pay for the work done and nothing more. Also, we take care of the hiring and onboarding process while you focus on your business.

Ready to delegate your tasks?

Start growing your business with three simple steps

Meet your assistant

After an initial interview with the coaches, we best match their requirements with virtual assistants with skills and knowledge of the domain.
You get to interview as many candidates as you want from the selected roaster.

Start building your workflow

As soon as you choose, eLuminous platform provides you with the necessary infrastructure to create a workflow that fits your coaching lifestyle. You get to know your virtual assistant better and communicate with the account manager about how you want to track time, communicate with the VA, and share files.

Delegation Starts

You get instant access to your virtual assistant for the chosen shift-morning, afternoon, or evening. Start delegating tasks and remain focused on your coaching business.

It's easy, it's transparent, it's tech-savvy, and it's affordable!


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