Virtual Personal Assistant For Freedom

Stop struggling; start delegating tasks

Qualified and skilled virtual personal assistants

Find assistance without hiring employees

Virtual Personal Assistant Services
For Freedom

> Get the best virtual personal assistant services with Qualified & Skilled VPA.
> Find assistance without hiring employees. 
> Services stop struggling; start delegating tasks

Virtual Personal Assistant For Freedom

Stop struggling; start delegating tasks

Find assistance without hiring employees

Qualified and skilled virtual personal assistants

What is a Virtual Personal Assistant?

A virtual personal assistant is an executive assistant who can work for you remotely. A VPA is a person who takes care of your personal or work-related time-consuming and routine tasks while you get involved with things that make a more significant impact on your personal and professional lives.

You can use our virtual personal assistant services to become more productive without spending too much on hiring a typical personal assistant. eLuminous has the infrastructure to ensure assistance is available when you need it.

Virtual Personal Assistant Services

Sweat No More, Our Virtual Personal Assistant Services Are Here

Virtual Personal Assistant Services
Virtual Personal Assistant Services

Are you getting dizzy looking at your workspace? That panic strikes every time you are stretched between appointments, phone calls, and client meetings?

Relax; you are just a click away from doing away with all these troubles with our virtual personal assistant services.

Whether a budding entrepreneur, business owner, executive, or freelancer, you can always use a virtual personal assistant to take care of that unfinished organizer. As you become more successful, your time becomes more valuable, yet too difficult to manage as responsibilities multiply. You require an assistant to take care of your tasks, and we are eager to connect you with one of our skilled virtual personal assistants.

For over two decades, eLuminous has provided clients with offshore virtual personal assistant services to help them focus on critical business aspects and not get caught up in paying utility bills, handling social media accounts or trying to remember travel plans.

Offload Time-Consuming and Tedious Tasks from Your Daily Schedule

We match your requirements with the eligible virtual personal assistant from our roster.

What can our Virtual Personal Assistant Services Do?

Booking meeting rooms.

Preparing meeting agendas.

Scheduling meetings and coordinating with attendees.

Excited to Offload The Stress Hire a Virtual Personal Assistant Services

Stop pondering over the budget and complications of hiring a VPA. We made it as simple as ordering your meal!!

Fill up the form to initiate the hiring process.

What’s the point of hiring just any virtual personal assistant? This is why we conduct detailed interviews with clients to understand their specific needs and anticipate the skills and experience they want in personal assistants.

We recommend the best matching candidates to interview and hire. You can ask for our assistance to understand each candidate’s profile and experience better.

If only we could train our candidates to understand your every need overnight, we ensure every communication medium is available to ease the on-boarding process. This is the person you will be working with long-term, and we pride ourselves in forging work relationships between our clients and candidates.

Virtual Personal Assistant Services

What will your life be like with a Virtual Personal Assistant Services?

You daydreamed of life when someone else takes care of all the least-favourite chores. Well, eLuminious is no wizard, but we can improve your work-life balance by providing impeccable virtual personal assistant services.

No more distractions

You no longer will waste your energy on personal tasks like scheduling your travel, taking calls during work, or handling less-productive tasks when you must be handling crucial work.

Adding productivity

When you are constantly attached to your tasks, and they start dominating your daily routine, you can't be as productive as you want to be. Time-consuming tasks like data entry can consume a significant portion of your schedule. A virtual personal assistant will ensure you no longer miss on more essential tasks in your day.

Take better control of life

You can outsource any aspect of your life to personal assistants but hiring them full-time is costly. Virtual personal assistants offer you the same freedom and control over your daily life for a fraction of the cost.

Enough said! Let's get you the Virtual Personal Assistant


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