Virtual Personal Assitant
Are your mundane to dos eating your important time?
Extend your personal tasks like scheduling, calendar management, logistics arrangement, travel arrangements etc. to our VPAs and enjoy your life!

Virtual Personal Assistant

“We share we grow” is a very apt phrase for growing businesses; the more you share your work, the better growth you will experience in the workforce management of your business and that's how virtual personal assistant services can help you to share your task and grow your business.

And why not share such responsibilities which you are not so good at?

Whenever we see businesses doing well, it is not only the business owner who must be appreciated for the same but the entire manpower behind the business must also be appreciated who works day off and day on to ensure that the business stands tall!

There are some simple tasks in every small and big enterprise like scheduling the meetings, preparing the agendas & MOM, arranging meeting logistics, recording and managing all the expenses, booking the meeting rooms and making travel arrangements etc. which does not quite qualify to eat up your valuable time and thus can be handled by the ones who are best at doing it.

And with our virtual/online personal assistant services, all your trivial yet important responsibilities of running a business is well taken care of! Just hire one for the same...

Know why you must hire a virtual personal assistant and what are the things that they can help you out with?

Why Hire a Virtual Personal Assistant

  • To reduce operational cost
  • To reduce training cost
  • Increase efficiency by outsourcing non-core tasks
    • Frees up time for strategic thinking
    • Handling customer queries
    • Internet research
    • Scheduling meetings
    • Data entry
  • Scale up your business operations
  • Flexibility & easy accesibility
  • Frees up time for strategic thinking

Our Online Personal Assistant Services

Booking meeting rooms

Preparing meeting agendas

Scheduling meetings and coordinating with attendees

Set up of meetings/VirtualMeeting Rooms/Video Conference room

Status Report preparation

Logistics arrangement

Calendar updates

Raising POs

Following up invoices

Expenses submission

Raising the GRN

Corresponding with co-workers for regular meetings

Reminding you of important events

Arranging service or work appointments

Administrative tasks

Pick up arrangements

Transport coordination

Making reservations and bookings

Phone and sim card arrangements

Preparing visa applications

Preparing Visa invitation letters and getting those signed