Virtual Real Estate
Assistant For More Sales

Real Estate Virtual Assistant For More Sales​

Maximize productivity with virtual assistants

No more reliance on full-time staff

Increase real estate business efficiency

Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Grow Your Real Estate Business With eLuminous Expert Virtual Real Estate Assistant Services

Real estate business demands you to be present on-site, exploring available properties and convincing buyers, rather than gluing to the computer screen scratching your head as you struggle to handle all the administrative work.

At eLuminous, over the last two decades, we have helped hundreds of real estate clients find success and freedom by offering them quality real estate virtual assistant services. Our VAs can manage most of your real estate office work with the same sincerity as full-time employees but for a fraction of the cost. Our real estate virtual assistants can handle everything from real estate listings and scraping property data to scheduling appointments and marketing. You can focus on high-priority tasks that grow your business when you hire our real estate virtual assistant services.

What does a Virtual Real Estate Assistant do?

A real estate virtual assistant can handle property listings, office tasks, property research,transaction coordination and schedule management. You require professionals who can handle your day-to-day business requirements and have specific experience and skills relevant to the real estate market.

Virtual Real Estate Assistant
Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Dedicated Virtual Real Estate Assistants From eLuminous For Business Growth

We train our real estate virtual assistants to ensure their skills are versatile. We onboard candidates who have experience in the real estate market and are willing to learn to get your business running smoothly. In our experience, clients who invest in real estate virtual assistants witness the growth and an increase in efficiency over time.

Our real estate virtual assistant services are available at highly affordable prices. As a result, you can improve your business productivity at a very inexpensive labour cost. Our VAs are professionals with years of experience in the real estate market who can recommend new and effective strategies for systematic workflow improvement of your real estate business.

What do our Virtual Real Estate Assistant offer?

  • Real estate data scraping
  • Posting property ads on various online ad portals
  • Documentation and contract management
  • Transaction Coordination
  • Property Management
  • Cold calling and lead generation
  • Communication management with potential buyers and renters
  • Compiling morning reports with information received from MLS
  • Managing viewings calendar
  • Customer service
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Social media postings management
  • Database management
  • Doing property research and creating property report

Every real estate virtual assistant we recommend to clients is thoroughly screened and appropriately trained to make a significant difference in your business.

Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Why must you hire a Virtual Real Estate Assistant?

In the real estate business, there are a few things that yield you the most results in terms of generating leads and generating interest. But if you are stuck taking care of the administrative tasks, you will need more time to invest in processes that matter for your business.

This is why you must hire a real estate virtual assistant to get the assistance you desperately require without making any full-time commitment of a full employee.

Here’s how your life can improve by hiring eLuminous Virtual Real Estate Assistant:

Outsource with eLuminous and Expand your Real Estate business

The real estate business requires effective management and optimized workflow for more sales. Our real estate virtual assistants are available for your business 24/7 over email, phone, skype or text. You can outsource everything to our VAs, including lease management, client requests, schedule management, screening potential tenants, handling taxes, listing properties, and more.

The entire infrastructure and maintenance cost of hosting your real estate virtual assistants is on us. You choose the monthly subscription suitable for your business, and our virtual real estate assistants start working for your business immediately.

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